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Kimyagaran Holding

Kimyagaran Drilling Fluids Holding registered a trading company in the United Arab Emirates, leading in the import and export of chemicals, petrochemicals, and minerals in the Persian Gulf countries and neighboring countries.

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  • Manufacturer and supplier of chemicals for various industries, including drilling, water treatment, casting, glass making, detergents and textiles.
  • Supplier of all kinds of drilling mud and cement laboratory equipment, well equipment and tools
  • Quality control and conducting various tests in the drilling industry in a laboratory equipped with modern equipment
  • A leader in the purchase and sale of authorized trade goods, export and import in the chemical industry
  • Engineering and production of drilling mud with different formulations according to customer needs
  • Contract management and contracting with organizations and companies, natural and legal persons, participation in government and non-government tenders
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Introduction to the Kimyagaran Drilling Fluids Factory

The Kimyagaran Drilling Fluids Company’s factory, located in Hamedan province with an area of over 25,000 square meters, features two European production lines equipped with the latest global machinery and a QC laboratory furnished with American brand laboratory equipment. With a history of production spanning over three decades in the drilling industry for oil and gas wells, it operates actively.

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About Us

Kimyagaran Drilling Fluids Company, as a technical, engineering, manufacturing, research, and commercial firm, operates with its manufacturing plant and equipped QC laboratory in Hamedan (Operating License No. 95/18291), commercial offices in China and the UAE, as well as a headquarters in Tehran. The company aims to produce and supply various drilling fluid additives, positioning itself as a leading supplier in the industry.

Currently, Kimyagaran Drilling Fluids, by leveraging professional experience and employing trained work teams, has managed to compete with reputable foreign companies in the production of chemicals for oil wells. With a commitment to maintaining and enhancing quality, a deep and accurate understanding of customer needs and expectations, and alignment with the latest scientific advancements, the company ensures tailored manufacturing services to meet the specific conditions of each customer. These capabilities have established Kimyagaran Drilling Fluids as a leading supplier in the industry.

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Honors Our honors include the Integrated Management System (IMS) certification, the CE product conformity certificate, and other prestigious certificates such as environmental, occupational health and safety, and quality management. Kimyagaran Drilling Fluids Company, through relentless effort and dedication, is proud to have received a plaque of appreciation and a trophy at the Industrial, Commercial, and Service Policies Symposium towards 2025 from the Islamic Consultative Assembly, recognized as one of the leading and influential units in the field of production and supply of drilling fluid additives. It is also noteworthy that the management of this group has been honored with a plaque of appreciation and a golden trophy as a distinguished and successful entrepreneur at the Business and Entrepreneurship Vision Symposium towards 2025.

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