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Food additives drilling mud consists of
water-based products*
oil-based products*
mineral products*

Laboratory equipment, drilling mud and cement

Drilling Fluids alchemists company representative reputable foreign companies, including America’s Fann. Employees specializing in sales and after-sales service, to provide services to oil drilling mud and cement laboratory supply and equipment

Wellhead Equipment and tools
Providing a variety of tools such as drills drilling and wellhead equipment of foreign brands



Chemicals (detergents, etc.) and food
(Sulfonic acid (sulfonic acid
Active Carbon
Tgzapn (N70 (texapon n70
Tgzapn Shelly (sodium lauryl ether sulfate – SLES)
…Lvramyd (Coconut Fatty Acid Di Ethanol Amine) and

Drilling Starch

Drilling starch production unit of the company having European and equipped with modern machineries quality control laboratory as well as expert and trained personnel, Can produce a variety starch-based drilling potatoes, wheat and barley with the client’s requested standards

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